Spraying and Pumping solutions offered by Ridgeway

Graco paint spraying equipment

Ridgeway are an established company with over 45 years of experience in paint spraying and pumping.  Our primary supplier is Graco who are the world’s top manufacturer in paint spraying solutions. We have a wide range of paint spraying equipment on offer and have experienced personnel who specialise in Graco machinery. The paint sprayers that we stock are suitable for industrial…

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Hire Soda and Hot Aqua Blasters from Ridgeway

Ridgeway Soda Blaster

Ridgeway offer a specialist hire service on Soda Blasters and Hot Aqua Blasters. Soda Blaster: The Soda Blaster provides a cost effective and safe solution for heavy duty industrial cleaning. It works by blasting bicarbonate particles against the surface to be cleaned using low compressed air. It can be used in the petroleum industry due to its non-flammable properties of…

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Graco Create Airless Sprayer for Every Professional

Graco has reinvented its airless sprayer family to have a specialist machine for every type of end user. Graco customers have a number of things in common regardless of the industry they are in.  They all value quality and performance from their Graco units, and the service they need after purchasing. Graco have created over 40 new sprayers, divided into…

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Painting Contractors Petrol Machines

Ridgeway offer a range of Graco petrol machines and equipment. The most popular sprayers shown below combine a high quality professional finish with first rate efficiency, offering contractors and decorators the competitive advantage you expect from Graco machinery. Our extremely reliable petrol engines are world famous and guarantee extreme performance for the ultimate professional contractor. Future-proof your contractors finishing reputation… Read More

Painting Contractors Electric Machines

With over 40 years experience in servicing the requirements of professional painting contractors, Ridgeway understand the true on-site needs and the demanding environments in which this equipment needs to function to a high standard of reliability and performance. If you are a contractor, talk to us.  We will understand your needs and get you up and running fast on site… Read More