Conquip Crane Forks Cage

Conquip Crane Folk cage
The fail-safe method for moving and lifting blocks and bricks. The Conquip Crane Forks Cage stocked by Ridgeway is a steel box to safely carry pallets of bricks or blocks and is only designed for use with Conquip Crane Forks, including the fixed and telescopic height models. The concept was designed in conjunction with the leading UK contactors and lifting… Read More

Conquip Crane Forks

Conquip Crane Folks
These forks are self-levelling for crane lifting palletised loads. Conquip Crane Forks stocked by Ridgeway are a lifting accessory to be used with a crane or other lifting machine to move palletised loads, where a forklift or telehandler cannot access or would prove inadequate. The crane forks have a spring-loaded design to ensure that the forks are self-levelling regardless of… Read More

Conquip Long Load Trolley

A support trolley to transport materials from a loading platform into a structure. The Conquip Long Load stocked by Ridgeway allows loads that are longer than the deck of the CantiDeck platform to be safely slung and lifted away without needing to open the doors at the leading edge of a platform. It is designed as a support trolley designed… Read More

CantiDeck Super Roller

CantiDeck Super Roller
The CantiDeck Super Roller is a rolling loading platform which can be fully retracted within the building edge when not in use. Multiple Platforms: - Multiple platforms can be installed in a stacked configuration, meaning there is a no downtime relocating platforms between floors.  The CantiDeck Super Roller also allows a reduction of dynamic loadings in high winds. Single Prop:… Read More

CantiDeck Fixed Flush

CantiDeck Fixed Flush
The CantiDeck Fixed Flush platform is ideal for situations where reduced head room places height as a premium, and where maximum clearance is essential. ‘Flush’ Transition:- The CantiDeck Fixed Flush platform props into a structure by way of a sample propping system between floors.  The deck of the platform is fixed to the base of the load bearing beams giving… Read More

CantiDeck Configurations

CantiDeck High Sides
Flat Head System The flat head system is the standard configuration for securing loading platforms.  It allows the platform to leverage off the ceiling of the structure securing the platform in place. Maximum Working Height: - The working head room area is fully available.  This is particularly useful when loading pods. Fast Installation: - The speed of installation makes this… Read More


Having identified that there are common issues that project teams face on site around vertical logistics and goods movements, concerns include safety of personnel while working at height, inefficient crane movements and costly temporary works. To overcome these issues the CantiDeck was developed.  The CantiDeck is a temporary loading platform which extends from a building structure to allow materials and… Read More