USA Safety Grating

USA Safety Grating
USA Safety Grating is manufactured with a walking surface consisting of a high slip resistant open diamond pattern matrix.  It has a diamond pattern with a serrated surface and load supporting continuous side flange. It is designed to provide a safe walking surface where slippery substances could be part of the walking environment.  Its design can provide a high load… Read More

Bridge Slot Perforation

Bridge Slot Perforation metal
Our Bridge Slot Perforation is a special perforation manufactured with exacting precision.  With the combination of heavy sheet thickness and very fine openings Bridge Slot provides a great resistance for filtering and ventilation. Applications: Bridge Slot is often used for water drainage shafts and drying. Typical applications are: Drying and storing solid matters and materials of all kinds -Including herbs,… Read More

20mm Ball Proof Grating

Our 20mm Ball Proof Grating is designed to be used where the working platform or walkway is above a place where people are working (as opposed to people passing under it occasionally).  The 20mm Ball Proof Grating’s maximum openings shall not permit the passage of a 20mm diameter sphere. It is typically used on walkways above machinery and permanent working… Read More