Zenturo Super Gabion Wall System

Zenturo Super
Zenturo Super Gabion Wall System is a natural, eco friendly alternative to traditional fencing. The strength of Zenturo Super is its versatility. It Is easy to install and can be used for different purposes and in various configurations that offer privacy and security. Zenturo Super panels can be filled with a variety of natural materials that will allow you to… Read More

Pay Attention to Retention with our Best Value Gabions!


Gabions Make Attractive Retaining Wall Ridgeway weldmesh gabions were chosen for this stunning property in the Craigantlet Hills in County Down and complimented with McMonagle stone from Donegal. The owners were delighted with the result. Ridgeway best value gabions offer a stock solution to your retaining wall, cladding or architectural feature with advice given on design proposals, installation and innovative…

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Concertainer Bastions

Sand filled bastions can be used as overflow barriers.
Concertainer Bastions are formed similar to concertainer gabions but are factory lined internally with a non woven geotextile membrane to the perimeter mesh panels of the unit, allowing for the use of suitably selected granular fills to ensure compaction of the materials without settlement. These units are modular in section and fold in a concertina fashion for ease of transportation… Read More

Rock Netting

Workers lay the rock netting on the sides of the valley
Hexagonal rock netting is used to address the problem of instability of loose material, soil and rocks whch might dislodge from slopes during works. It acts as a retaining structure. In all instances professional engineering advice should be sought to define the most appropriate solution. Please feel free to contact a member of our sales team on Belfast +44 (0) 2890… Read More

Weldmesh Mattress

A Weldmesh river bed and bank mattress installation.
Weldmesh Mattress is prefabricated from welded steel wire mesh. They are large in plan compared to their height and are pre-clipped in a penfold fashion with stainless steel clips every third mesh space in the factory with the lids left loose for transportation purposes. The units flat pack down for storage and ease of handling. Please feel free to contact… Read More