Safety Grating

safety grating
Safety Grating is a variation of safegrid grating designed to prevent a 15mm ball from passing through the gratings.  The 6mm twisted transverse bars are usually spaced at 100mm or 50mm centres and a 9mm round bar is welded to the underside to close the gap between the load bearing bars, preventing small objects such as nuts and bolts from passing through the grating. Safety Grating was originally… Read More


Safetread diamond pattern flooring is constructed using a series of flat load bearing bars held upright by corrugated bars.  The load bearing bars and corrugated bars are spot welded together at each intersection point making safetread diamond pattern flooring universally accepted as one of the strongest and most economical open steel gratings. Corrugated bars not only contribute to the load bearing capabilities of… Read More


Safelock is the most slip resistant steel flooring in the Lionweld Kennedy range.  Due to the double serration, Safelock is used in the most extreme conditions where slip resistance is vital such as oil rigs or other areas where lubricants are regularly used. Email Enquiry ApplicationsTechnical InformationPDF Downloads Light duty walkways Two Way Pedestrian Walkways and Platforms High Density Pedestrian Walkways and Platforms Mesh… Read More


Safegrate is a heavy duty open mesh flooring capable of withstanding vehicular loadings.  BS4592-1:2006 advises that where gratings are required to take vehicle loads travelling at 90° to the direction of the bearing bars, the grating shall either have pressed bars or transverse bars that pass through the bearing bars below the top of the grating.  This provides the grating with greater lateral restraint when subjected to breaking and acceleration motions… Read More


Safedeck is a closed flooring system consisting of Safegrid open bar grating with a durbar plate welded to the top surface by means of a series of short weld runs applied in a specific pattern. Together, a much improved load carrying capability is provided compared to either a Safegrid floor or Durbar floor supplied individually without the assistance of the other. Click here for further information on our range… Read More

Flowforge Terminology

1. Load Bearing Bars - A longitudinal load carrying bar of uniform section spanning between supports. 2. Transverse Bar - A member fixed at right angles to the load-bearing bars to provide lateral restraint. 3. Binding Bar - A bar fixed to the edge of a fabricated flooring panel fitting flush with the top of the load-bearing bars. 4. Deep… Read More


Safegrid / Flowforge steel grating comprises of a series of parallel, flat, load bearing bars at equal spacing. These are held upright by 6mm twisted-square transverse bars that are resistance welded into the top surface. Safegrid / Flowforge has become the industry standard for open mesh flooring when creating raised platforms, mezzanine flooring and steel walkways for various applications such… Read More