Hot Aqua Blaster

Hot Aqua Blaster
Hot Aqua Blaster in use at Ridgeway The Waterkracht Hot Aqua Blaster is a powerful cleaning system which comes complete in a handy trailer. With its range of temperature and pressure settings it offers a unique all-round power cleaning system. It is designed to use considerably less water and operating pressure than conventional models making it an environmentally-friendly choice for… Read More

Limpet Climb Assist

Limpet Climb Assist & Fall Protection and Rescue The Limpet - Multi-function Climb Assist System Ridgeway now supply the state of the art Limpet system for access to wind turbines, on oil and gas offshore installations, and for use in staging events. The Limpet system weighs the climber and equipment and, unlike other systems on the market, automatically applies 90%… Read More

Marine Power

Specialist Supply to the Offshore Industry Ridgeway provide innovative cable protection and scour prevention systems for wind, wave and tidal installations. We supply GRP access systems for offshore platforms and are the local market leaders in the supply of safety equipment and working at height expertise. See a feature on Ridgeway's Kyowa filter units in the February 2012 Wind Energy Network… Read More

Wind Power Specialist Supply

Ridgeway supply Swiss-manufactured Envergate small wind turbines for domestic or commercial use. In addition, for offshore windfarms, Ridgeway is Ireland's only supplier of Japanese Kyowa Filter Units - versatile marine gabions which provide numerous sustainble solutions in the undersea environment. We also stock a comprehensive range of safety equipment, safe working at height solutions, and GRP platform systems to offshore… Read More

Ridgefence Alleygates

Alley Gate
Alleygates What are Alleygates? Alleygates are a method of limiting access to the rear alleys of homes to residents, service personnel and other authorised people. This is achieved by the installation of lockable gates placed at strategic locations within the alleyways. If you would like to contact a member of our sales team, please call Belfast +44 (0) 2890 454599,… Read More

Rock Netting

Workers lay the rock netting on the sides of the valley
Hexagonal rock netting is used to address the problem of instability of loose material, soil and rocks whch might dislodge from slopes during works. It acts as a retaining structure. In all instances professional engineering advice should be sought to define the most appropriate solution. Please feel free to contact a member of our sales team on Belfast +44 (0) 2890… Read More

Weldmesh Mattress

A Weldmesh river bed and bank mattress installation.
Weldmesh Mattress is prefabricated from welded steel wire mesh. They are large in plan compared to their height and are pre-clipped in a penfold fashion with stainless steel clips every third mesh space in the factory with the lids left loose for transportation purposes. The units flat pack down for storage and ease of handling. Please feel free to contact… Read More

Hy-Rib Shuttering

Expamet Hy-Rib® is an expanded metal sheet product, specifically developed for use as permanent formwork to concrete. The profile of the open mesh, in combination with the Hy-Rib tangs, allow the development of dense concrete nodules and indents on the face of the Hy-Rib, forming an enhanced mechanical key for the second phase pour. In the case of visible elements, the resulting Hy-Rib surface is… Read More

Parker Store

Ridgeway have setup the first ParkerStore in Northern Ireland with a comprehensive stock range around hoses, fittings adapters, and related products in the hydraulic, pneumatic and other fluid, gas and material handling markets. If you would like to contact our Parkerstore representative, please call 02890 454599 or click the button below to send us an email enquiry. Click here to… Read More