Combisafe Escalib Stair Tower

Combisafe Escalib Stair Tower
Modular Design Stair tower Escalib can be installed quickly and very simply in many applications. Escalib is one of the fastest and simplest stair towers on the market. For applications where there are space constraints, such as city centres, lift shafts, and roads between carriageways, Escalib is the only quick and cost-effective stair tower solution.  With just 3 main components… Read More

Conquip Goods Cage

Conquip Goods Cage
Use Conquip goods cage for a convenient and safe way of transporting materials or equipment on site by crane or forklift. The cage is especially beneficial when transporting materials such as bricks or rebar lengths which could otherwise present a safety risk if dropped into the area below. Available Sizes The cage comes in two basic sizes – small and… Read More

Conquip Concrete Column Skip

Conquip Concrete Column Skip Popular all-purpose, durable skip for pouring of concrete commonly used for pouring of columns, walls, formwork and pipe laying work. Available Capacity: With Bale Arm: 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 litres Without Bale Arm: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 litres Details: Optional design without bale arm for additional safety. Features spring retractor mechanism for automatic… Read More

Conquip Crane Forks Cage

Conquip Crane Folk cage
The fail-safe method for moving and lifting blocks and bricks. The Conquip Crane Forks Cage stocked by Ridgeway is a steel box to safely carry pallets of bricks or blocks and is only designed for use with Conquip Crane Forks, including the fixed and telescopic height models. The concept was designed in conjunction with the leading UK contactors and lifting… Read More

Conquip Crane Forks

Conquip Crane Folks
These forks are self-levelling for crane lifting palletised loads. Conquip Crane Forks stocked by Ridgeway are a lifting accessory to be used with a crane or other lifting machine to move palletised loads, where a forklift or telehandler cannot access or would prove inadequate. The crane forks have a spring-loaded design to ensure that the forks are self-levelling regardless of… Read More