Square Mesh

The Square Mesh range has been developed as a direct alternative to welded mesh and woven wire. Square mesh is an expanded metal mesh that is stretched more than normal to create a square holed pattern. It is a little different than normal expanded metal mesh in that it is the aperture that is the most important feature – i.e.… Read More


VOID PROTECTION COSTS CUT                Effective void property protection is assured with ExVoid, an attractive alternative to perforated metal and timber that can save over £50 on a three bedroomed semi-detached house. Viewed proportionately to housing stock of hundreds or thousands this translates to massive long-term savings, effective immediately ExVoid is manufactured from galvanised steel into a tight expanded metal mesh… Read More

Architectural Meshes

Discover the versatility of expanded metal mesh for yourself. Diamond, slotted, circular, flat - shaped, rigid, flexible – natural, coloured – shiny, matt. It's versatility and flexibility makes it ideal for architectural design. Expanded mesh has many practical benefits including increased protection, improved ventilation, enhanced security and good aesthetics. There are a massive choice of colours, patterns, designs and sizes.… Read More

Woven Metal Meshes for Architecture

Adriatic Pattern Open Area: 64% Weight: 7.2 Kg/m2 Thickness: 8 mm Max Width: 2 mtrs Strong and durable. A revolutionary pre-crimped weaving style, with straight non-crimped wires in one direction. Amazon 4610 Pattern Open Area: 66% Weight: 9.3 Kg/m2 Thickness: 8 mm Max Width: 2 mtrs Attractive and very strong, this pattern is excellent for applications where both appearance and security need to be considered. Amazon 4626 Open… Read More

Precision Perforated Metal

Precision Perforated Metal One of the most exciting developments in architecture today, precision perforated metal is now available at Ridgeway. The very latest technology in laser perforation allows complex designs from photographs to be punched onto steel panels creating unique facades and cladding for building exteriors. The precision perforated technology is part of the innovative City Emotion range from RMIG,… Read More

Architectural Press Gratings

Press Gratings We offer a wide variety of bespoke architectural press gratings & perforated planks through our longstanding association with various high quality European manufacturers. These products are widely used in construction, engineering and manufacturing environments. Due to its versatility, aesthetics & functionality, it is now often used  in architectural applications such as façade cladding, brise soleil, sun screening or… Read More

Perforated Metal Mesh

Perforated Metal Mesh The RMIG City Emotion range, now available at Ridgeway, prioritises aesthetic appeal alongside functionality. Imagine reinvigorating an old building with a unique and eye-catching facade, or incorporating panels in a glass roof to ensure the flow of daylight is soft and controlled, and you can begin to see how this innovative product range provides inspiring solutions for… Read More

Ridgeclamp Systems

Ridgeclamp Handrailing Ridgeway are major stockists of galvanised handrailing tube and associated fittings used for a variety of wide applications. These products complement our flooring and building divisions, technical support and a supply and fit option is available for certain applications. Select the PDF downloads tab below to view our range of Ridgeclamp fittings, and sizing charts.  For further information… Read More

Woven Architectural Mesh

Woven Architectural Mesh Woven Metal Meshes for architecture are available in many different patterns, each with its own characteristics and optical effect, with specific degrees of density, texture or transparency. In addition many of these patterns are self-supporting, therefore reducing both the cost and complexity of fabrication and installation. Click here to view our online library pattern for woven metal… Read More