Creating the ‘perf’ect fabricated flooring

Ridgeway were contacted by McGarry-Moon Architects Ltd, on behalf of their client Alasdair Kilpatrick for a design solution required at his home. He had constructed a first floor walkway into his house from the raised road level, which required a solution for the flooring on the bridge walk.

The sales team were tasked to find a flooring product that was cost effective, provided good grip (even when wet), and would still be suitable for high heels.  Due to the tight mesh restriction to suit high heels the most economical solution of Flowforge was not an option.

Ridgeway proposed two options and provided costs and samples on both. A galvanised steel Press Grating, with a 33x11mm mesh  and a serrated cross bar for the extra grip. The other option, was a punched plank, fabricated into panels, with a 5mm diameter hole punched up for grip and 5mm diameter punched down for drainage. Both products are manufactured by Staco, one of the manufacturing partners we work closely with.

The client and his wife considered both options and settled on the punched plank option.  The architect provided Ridgeway with drawings to show the position of existing steel work and in turn.  Staco, our manufacturer where then able to provide working drawings to create the finished product. The punched planks were fabricated to a standard width plank and folded to provide sufficient load capacity over the existing steel work. To provide an easier install option, these were welded into bespoke mats to suit the existing steel work. With the addition of extra holes for his bespoke fixing solution, and shaping to suit his bridge walk the planks were then galvanised.

Ridgeway provided the shaped finished panels to the client to install. As you can see in the photo, the finished flooring looks very well.

This project received the same commitment for service and design, that many of our much larger projects would demand.  The aesthetically pleasing finish is a delight to add to our extensive and ever expanding portfolio.