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ALTUS Alloy tri-act Karabiner

ALTUS Alloy tri-act karabiner
The ALTUS Alloy tri-act karabiner is commonly used when weight is an issue, such as tower climbing or in rope access. It has an offset D-shaped with triple action lock.  The ALTUS Alloy tri-act karabiner has an 11mm bar diameter with 19mm gate opening. Gallery PDF Downloads FeaturesSpecificationsGallery PDF Downloads ALTUS Alloy tri-act karabiner Datasheet Features Alloy D shape 28kN… Read More

ELITE Twin Lanyard 1.25m

ELITE twin lanyard 1.25
This is an energy absorbing suspension relief fall arrest twin lanyard with scaffold hooks.  The Heightec ELTIE twin lanyard allows for connection to a ladder or structure when climbing masts and towers and includes scaffold hook terminations.  It is a premium product offering advanced safety features. Its special compact energy absorbing element has a high strength stainless steel connecting ring. … Read More

PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard 5m and 10m

PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard 5m and 10m
The PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard is suitable for roofs and sloping situations and locks automatically when loaded. The PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard is a versatile and adjustable rope fall prevention system for flat or sloping situations.  It provides support to a user positioned below the anchorage point or provides restraint against a fall to a user connected to a properly positioned anchor away from… Read More