Bridge Slot Perforation

Bridge Slot Perforation metal
Our Bridge Slot Perforation is a special perforation manufactured with exacting precision.  With the combination of heavy sheet thickness and very fine openings Bridge Slot provides a great resistance for filtering and ventilation. Applications: Bridge Slot is often used for water drainage shafts and drying. Typical applications are: Drying and storing solid matters and materials of all kinds -Including herbs,… Read More

Minesto deploys Kyowa Filter Unit Rockbags

Kyowa Filter Unit Rockbags
In May 2018 Minesto installed the gravity base foundation including the bottom joint system that will moor their patented DG500 “kite” power plant. The device has been installed on the seabed in the Holyhead Deep off North West Wales and is designed to generate electricity from the natural tidal movements of the ocean. Ridgeway Marine provided its 4T filter unit… Read More

20mm Ball Proof Grating

Our 20mm Ball Proof Grating is designed to be used where the working platform or walkway is above a place where people are working (as opposed to people passing under it occasionally).  The 20mm Ball Proof Grating’s maximum openings shall not permit the passage of a 20mm diameter sphere. It is typically used on walkways above machinery and permanent working… Read More

Utility Grating

Flowforge products stocked by Ridgeway
Our Utility Grating is designed to be used where there is no risk of personnel passing below the working platform or walkway. It will typically be used on ground level shallow trenches, above water channels in treatment works or paced on solid floors to elevate walking areas from contaminants. Our Utility Grating complies to Specification to: BS45920:2006+A1:2012. If you would… Read More

Rota Block Mini

Rota Block Mini
The Rota Block Mini system is our new addition to our water filled ballast blocks range.  They fit standard mesh fence panels of any length.  Their secure safety chain fastening provides stability which allows for easy adjustment. MIRA Wind Speed Test Results – full blocks on 3.5 mesh Cat B Wind – 54mph Cat A Wind – 59mph If you… Read More

GB2 Heavy Duty Barrier

GB2 Barrier
Our GB2 Heavy Duty Water Filled Barrier System is ideal for highway or site delineation for pedestrian and vehicle safety.  They are a robust heavy duty adaptable barrier system suitable for low level containment. The GB2 Heavy Duty Barrier has a 2-metre working length and height of 0.9 metre.  Their pin locking device allows each barrier to have a 35-degree… Read More

RB22 Restraint / Crash Barrier – 50mph

RB22 Restraint / Crash Barrier
Our RB22 Restraint / Crash Barrier System is tested and approved to VS EN1317-N1 50mph (80kmph) Crash Test.   The system is a one-piece moulded crash barrier with no added sections. The RB22 Restraint / Crash Barrier have been produced as a capable barrier system that on impact will bring an errant vehicle to a controlled stop yet they are easy… Read More