The Skymaster is safe, strong and reliable; you will never need another ladder again. The Skymaster Ladder has a three-section multi-use design. It can be used as a two part free standing extension ladder, a two and three part extension ladder, a single ladder, a trestle / step ladder and a unique stairway ladder.  The Skymaster ladder is fitted with… Read More


The Lyte HIPOD range has been developed to meet the PAS250 standard. The range has been manufactured with the customer in mind, as well as making sure that every part of the standard has been taken into account. The Lyte HIPOD range is designed for ease of use. The Lyte HIPOD range has an anti-surf option and we have made… Read More


Lytepod Podium
The Lytepod is a podium step that requires very little effort when being assembled. This is due to its compact all-in-one folding system which makes assembly quick and easy. It has non-removable stabilisers that can be attached to the frame.  The Lytepod has two platform heights, which are easily detached and positioned.  They are manufactured in the UK using strong… Read More

Span 500 Alloy Tower System

Span 500
The Span 500 is a highly adaptable, fastrack tower system featuring 500mm rung spacing and integral ladder frames. This tower can be constructed with platform heights in 0.5m increments and does not need separate guardrails, giving greater flexibility and fewer components in your inventory. The Span 500 tower range is available in both narrow (0.82m) and wide (1.43m) versions, with… Read More

Span 400 Alloy Tower System

Span 400
Span 400 is a lightweight, fast and easy to assemble tower system with a rung spacing of 400mm. With fewer components to stock or lose this versatile ladder frame tower can be used to construct simple free standing mobile towers or more complex staging systems with a host of accessories. The new Z-configuration bracing enables quick, trouble free assembly while… Read More