35mm Ball Proof Grating

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Our 35mm Ball Proof Grating is designed to be used where the working platform or walkway is a place where people pass through occasionally. The 35mm Ball Proof Grating’s maximum openings shall not permit the passage of a 35mm diameter sphere. It is typically used for maintenance access, industrial plants, un-manned substation modules and data centres where site access is… Read More

Staff Awarded APPSNI Level 3 Certificate in Engineering

APPSNI Level 3 Certificate in Engineering
Ridgeway would like to congratulate Daryl Letman and Adam Heron on obtaining their APPSNI Level 3 Certificate in Engineering.  Daryl is a Technician in our Spray and Pump Department and Adam is a Workshop Mechanic.   They have both worked in Ridgeway throughout the four years of their apprenticeships and are very valued members within our team.  Having achieved their APPSNI… Read More