For specialised access solutions and aluminium walkways Ridgeway have you covered.


For specialist aluminium walkways which provide access solutions look no further than Ridgeway. We stock Instant Spandeck which are a lightweight aluminium walkway, bridging and staging system all combined in the one versatile unit. The Spandeck’s unique reversible design allows walkways to be joined end to end which forms a extended run or side by side staging.

The Spandeck is made from high strength aluminium but Is also lightweight and is virtually maintenance free. It can be inverted and used in multiple combinations to provide decks spanning from 3.7 metres or 12 feet up to 9.1 metres or 30 feet and working platform areas of virtually unlimited dimensions. This provides a safe working platform between aluminium towers.

A Spandeck in its simplest form is a bridge between two towers and can also be used separately to form a bespoke access walkway. They come with double sided hooks and feature integrated toe boards with a unique reversible design, which allows it to be used individually as
a catwalk or side by side.

Spandeck aluminium walkway systems provide a cost effective and safe solution for high level access. It’s installation is quick and simple. Spandeck is designed specifically to give you higher performance than traditional site fabricated products.

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