Filter Units Oil and Gas Applications

Kyowa filter units are a recognised product for protecting subsea assets in the Oil & Gas sector. Already proven to provide a solution against Spans, the flexibility and versatility rock bags allows it to be installed under flowlines and umbilicals effectively.

Its one point lifting ring allows fast and accurate installation and doesn’t require a diver in the water. Installation can be achieved with an ROV or high resolution sonar imaging therefore significantly reducing health and safety risks. Once installed, rock bags will last minimum 50 years in saline water and can be installed as a temporary or permanent solution for subsea asset protection.

It encourages the accumulation of sands, therefore overtime will become part of the marine environment not posing any threat to marine life.

Filter Units on Boat

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  • Fast Installation
  • Single point lifting system
  • Significantly reduces vessel time
  • No seabed preparation required
  • Develops marine life
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Accumulates sediments
  • Flexible & durable
  • Rapid preparation
  • Lifetime minimum 50 yrs in saline water
  • Lifetime minimum 30 yrs against UV rays
  • (Also known as rock bags)

Stabilisation and protection for:
Subsea flowlines
Jumpers and flying leads

Scour protection of:
Fixed platforms
Subsea trees