Rock bags – Ridgeway Marine and Filter Units

The Rock Bag or filter unit, has a simple design. Constructed of recycled synthetic material and filled with stones it protects marine structures from scouring processes while harnessing and maintaining the marine environment. Boasting a one-point lifting ring it provides a more cost effective method in comparison to traditional solutions. Its natural flexibility makes it very adaptable to the undulating topography of river and sea beds making it a key product for offshore and marine civil engineering works.


The Rock Bag or filter unit net is made from 61% recycled materials and is environmentally friendly.


Stone fill inside the mesh net bag makes the entire structure flexible and adaptable.

Rapid Construction

Creation and installation of Rock Bags is so simple, it can be implemented with a minimal workforce.

Cost Effective

The cost per unit and installation savings combined with the reduced lifetime O&M leads to a significant cost reduction.

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