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Ridgeway’s Echo Barrier range is designed to provide a high-tech solution in the increasingly important area of noise management. The screens typically fit around fencing or scaffolding and are used in construction settings such as road or rail and at demolition sites. They also provide effective noise control for public events. Echo Barriers are easy to install, cost effective, and hard wearing. They come with technical support that is unrivalled in the noise reduction market.

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  • Market leading performance with adjustment on site possible
  • Hard-wearing, light, compact with unique self-locking mechanism
  • Unique night time safety features, fire and weather resistant
  • Cost effective means of meeting noise control requirements
  • Typically 70 % less installation time than conventional screening
  • Client advertising can be placed on Echo Barriers
  • Best practice in noise management
  • Technical support provided by experienced noise and vibration consultancy
  • Construction and demolition sites
  • Sites for public events such as concerts
  • Any other setting where noise control is an issue

The Echo Barrier is designed to clip onto any vertical fencing. Where higher attenuation is required you can rapidly add more panels on top or overlap in particular areas, for example, close to a generator.

The typical sound reduction is between 10 and 20dB, with 30 possible. The panels include high performance acoustic properties so that sound is absorbed rather than reflected. Each barrier weighs around 4 Kg to facilitate handling.

The Echo Barrier is designed to look good in any prominent setting and can be branded with company logos. Various safety features include: reflective strips to pick up car or truck headlights; fire resistant and weather resistant; no fibreglass or rockwool.

Consultancy is provided by Iris Noise and Vibration Services (IrisNVS) with over 30 years of experience in the field of noise control.

Although the techniques involved in using Echo Barriers are relatively simple you may need guidance depending on the geometry of the installation site, or where you are required to guarantee a specific noise level for example.


The Control of Pollution Act (CPA) 1974 gives local authorities the power to make certain requirements of sites in their areas. The Control of Noise at Work Regulation 2005 places certain obligations on employers to protect the hearing of their employees.

The level at which employers must assess risk and provide information and training is now 80dB and the level at which protection must be provided is 85dB.

BS 5228 and BS 4142 codes of practice (for construction and industry respectively) specify that best practice should be used to manage construction site and industrial/commercial noise.

ECHO BARRIERS are rapidly becoming part of accepted best practice in the noise attenuation industry.

See Health and Safety Executive for more information.

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