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Heightec products stocked by Ridgeway

Our supply partners Heightec are a UK manufacturer that have over 20 years’ experience specialising in the design and manufacture of technical products for ascent, descent, work positioning, fall arrest and rescue.  Their equipment is designed with the highest margins of safety and tested beyond the requirements of international standards.

Heightec products combine exceptional performance with superior strength and durability and are manufactured within the highest levels of quality control.

ALTUS Alloy tri-act karabiner

ALTUS Alloy tri-act karabiner

ELITE twin lanyard 1.25m

ELITE twin lanyard 1.25

ELITE twin lanyard 1.75m

ELITE Twin Lanyard 1.75

Heightec Delta Screwlink 10mm

Delta Steel Screwlink 10mm

Heightec Lanyard Parking Point

Heightec parking point

Heightec Restraint Belt CIRRUS – WTG Work Positioning Belt, Quick Connect

CIRRUS WTG Work Postioning Belt stocked by Ridgeway

Heightec CIRRUS Harness

Cirrus WTG Harness

Heightec Personal Kit Bag

Heightec Personal Kit Bag

PIRANHA adjustable lanyard 5m and 10m

PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard 5m and 10m

PIRANHA wp adjustable lanyard 2m

PIRANHA wp adjustable lanyard 2m

Sewn Nylon Sling

Sewn Nylon Sling