Minesto deploys Kyowa Filter Unit Rockbags

Kyowa Filter Unit Rockbags
In May 2018 Minesto installed the gravity base foundation including the bottom joint system that will moor their patented DG500 “kite” power plant. The device has been installed on the seabed in the Holyhead Deep off North West Wales and is designed to generate electricity from the natural tidal movements of the ocean. Ridgeway Marine provided its 4T filter unit… Read More

New Flowforge open steel flooring

Flowforge products stocked by Ridgeway
Ridgeway flowforge open steel flooring is an ideal solution for industrial flooring walkways and platforms. If you specify, distribute, purchase, fabricate or install steel gratings, you have a responsibility to provide compliant products to the latest specification. Our 20mm Ball Proof Grating is designed to be used where the working platform or walkway is above a place where people are… Read More

Traffic and Pedestrian Management Solutions

EVO Barrier
Here at Ridgeway we carry vast a range of products useful for traffic and pedestrian management including temporary and permanent fencing, boundary demarcation, signs, traffic cones and plastic road barriers available to hire or buy. EVO Barriers: - Our EVO Barrier range consists of three design sizes, these can be fully interlocked into each other allowing a fully versatile variable… Read More