Filter Units form ultimate protection against scour damage.

Ridgeway’s Filter Unit is a bespoke product specifically designed for construction in the marine environment. It is a 100% environmentally friendly solution; the nets are made from 61% recycled bottles creating an entirely flexible structure with a stone fill inside, making them very adaptable. Filter Units have a one point lifting ring allowing fast and accurate installation with a reduced work…

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Mersey Gateway Presents Challenging Conditions for 4T Filter Unit

filter unit

The Mersey Gateway is currently the largest new build bridge project to take place in the North West of England. During the first 6 months of 2015, Ridgeway worked closely with the project’s Senior Engineers supplying the 4T filter unit for scour protection of the North Cofferdam and later the Central Cofferdam. The Mersey Estuary presents very challenging tidal conditions…

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Mott MacDonald Approves Filter Unit

In July this year Ridgeway provided Vinci Construction with a range of filter units (1, 2 & 4 tonne) for scour protection of a flood wall on a NET tram project.  The tram line located in Nottingham passes a flood storage area that experiences various levels of water annually. Ultimately this required scour protection at the base of the flood wall to protect…

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Kyowa filter units protect historic London site

Kyowa Filter Units, rock bags

In February this year emergency works were commissioned for the Tower of London foreshore to prevent further erosion of the wall adjacent to Tower Bridge. The contract was awarded to Mackleys Civil Engineering by the Environment Agency to install over 200 2 tonne Kyowa filter units as a method of scour protection at the historic site. Designed by experienced consulting…

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Rock bags – Ridgeway Marine and Filter Units

The filter unit has a simple design. Constructed of recycled synthetic material and filled with stones it protects marine structures from scouring processes while harnessing and maintaining the marine environment. Boasting a one-point lifting ring it provides a more cost effective method in comparison to traditional solutions. Its natural flexibility makes it very adaptable to the undulating topography of river... Read More

Filter Units Civil Engineering Applications

Filter units or rock bags in place on river bank. Kyowa Filter Unit are protection units suitable for installation on river banks where stabilisation or protection is required. They can be successfully installed on uneven, sloping surfaces and integrate perfectly in challenging topographic watercourse environments. Kyowa Filter Units or rock bags can be used for temporary measures where a collapse... Read More

Filter Units Wind Wave and Tidal Applications

Kyowa filter unit - Subsea foundation and cable engineering solution The Kyowa filter unit put simply, is a stone filled mesh net rock bag which can be utilised as a long lasting solution for protecting subsea foundations and cables.  Recognised as an advanced solution to concrete mattress and rock dump,  the product is designed to encase the stone preventing it from breaking... Read More
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