TWIST Chest Ascender – X-Cam

TWIST Chest Ascender – X-Cam
The TWIST rope access chest ascender incorporating X-Cam can be used to link sit and chest harnesses.   It has profile attachment points and its slimline design ensures that the TWIST sits flat against the chest of the user.   It is fitted with an ergogenic catch which allows single-handed operation.  The TWIST rope access chest ascender also has a detach ability… Read More

Ridgeway offer accredited Construction Skills Register (CSR) Training

Providers of accredited Construction Skills Register (CSR) Training. The aim of CSR is to raise standards of health and safety and provide recognition of skills, experience and qualifications attained.
To become registered, workers must complete a minimum of one day health and safety training which Ridgeway’s accredited trainer can provide.  Operatives can also be assessed to ascertain their level of competency in their skill area.
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COMBISAFE Safety Net Fan

COMBISAFE Safety Net Fans
The COMBISAFE Safety Net Fan provides collective protection from falling objects. It is the latest innovation in high-rise protection and is ideally suited to compact inner city locations where space can be tight, and the protection of people and properties is essential to ensure there are no potential hazards. The COMBISAFE Safety Net Fan will catch and securely contain any… Read More